Projects Successfully Completed: 

Microsoft Last Mile Projects

Umoya has designed and deployed last mile connectivity for the Ministries of Education in Croatia and Egypt as a subcontractor for F1 Consultancy UK.

This Included:

Design, Configuration and Implementation of Microsoft Funded Last Mile Connectivity Projects in countries such was Croatia and Egypt.

  • Designing of the Network Architecture (WAN, LAN and WLAN).
  • Building IKv1 IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels between schools and Network Core to redirect all Captive Portal and DNS traffic to from each school to the Network Core.
  • Configuration of all Cisco ASA Firewalls and Switches to be deployed in schools to provide a Microsoft WiFi Network inside each school within these projects.
  • Assisting Microsoft’s Team with the deployment of their DNS, Captive Portal and Radius Authentication Servers.
  • Setting up of Debian Servers for Microsoft’s team.
  • Configuration and Setting up of Ruckus Cloud Controller and Ruckus Access Points for the deployment in each school within these projects.
  • Technical Project Management.
  • Designing of large IP Addressing Schemes for each project.

Connectivity for SKY News

Umoya assisted SKY news by providing mobile VSAT terminals for coverage of the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup.

Uniti Software

Umoya has developed a software solution called uniti which was born out of a need within the disaster management environment. uniti was deployed nationally across South Africa during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup and used to assist government agencies and non government agencies to communicate and collaborate across organizational boundaries. The collaboration via uniti assisted with improving levels of public safety.

Staffroom Software

Umoya has developed a host based software solution for managing schools called staffroom which is currently running 20 schools in the Western Cape.

Many schools run their operations on Excel spreadsheets, with information about learners, marks, etc being captured many times over. We identified the need for an easy to use, web based database system which would liberate educators from their admin burden. staffroom, software for managing schools, was the result and is proving a firm favourite in a growing number of schools.

School Networks

Umoya has provided local area networks solutions within schools in the Western Cape. This involved the design and deployment of Enterprise Grade Cisco Systems, Routers and Switches to build long lasting and robust network infrastructure within schools. Along with this, Umoya designed and deployed roaming Wi-Fi Networks across schools campus buildings.

This Included:

  • Cisco Grade LAN Deployment
  • Wi-Fi Roaming Network Deployment
  • Intelligent WAN Solutions such as Line-bonding multiple Internet breakouts into one.
  • Network Monitoring and Management

Remote Schools Connectivity Project

Umoya implemented an iDirect satellite hub and satellite connectivity to 2500 schools in Gauteng via a combination of VSAT and radio links.

This included:

  • The Design and Deployment of a Cisco Grade Core Network for the Satellite Hub that handles all the core routing and switching requirements for the network.
  • BGP Routing between Cisco Routers and Quagga for Linux.
  • iDirect Satellite Modem configurations for the iDirect Hub.
  • Commissioning of iDirect VSAT Modems unto iDirect Hub.
  • QoS Deployment on iDirect Satellite Hub.
  • Network Monitoring & Management of entire Satellite Network

Cape Town Metro Police

Umoya supplied, installed and configured the necessary Cisco equipment to implement a fibre network to support IP cameras used for monitoring traffic and security by the Metro Police across the Cape Town metropolitan area.

PCT (process control technology)

Umoya suppled a mobile satellite solution for several vehicles used for monitoring of nuclear fallout for Koeberg Power Station.

Emergency Services Call and Dispatch Centres

Umoya has designed and built networks for several Emergency Medical Services Call centres (Bloemfontein, Eastern Cape, Beaufort West, George, Moorreesburg, Worcester and Tygerberg).

This included:

  • Design and Deployment of Cisco Grade WAN
  • Deployment of a Hub/Spoke DMVPN Wire Area Network
  • BGP Routing between Hub and Spokes
  • Network Monitoring and Management for both WAN/WLAN and LAN
  • Deployment of Cisco Grade Wi-Fi Solution

Department of Agriculture

Umoya has provided satellite and microwave connectivity to the DOA in the Northern and Western Cape.

Government Motor Transport

Umoya has provided a solution utilising MPLS and satellite connectivity to aggregate vehicle tracking data for Government Motor Transport.

KB Consulting

Umoya provided a satellite network with internet and voice capability to remote areas for KB consulting containerized training centers.

Cape Argus Cycle Tour

For several years, Umoya Networks has assisted the organisers of the Cape Argus Cycle tour by providing a network backbone and assisted with the configuration and management of the call centre based at Tygerberg which was originally built by Umoya Networks.

Cape EPIC Mountain Bike Race

Umoya provided a mobile satellite network for the reporters covering the race giving them access to the internet.

Department of Health

Provision of a mobile satellite network solution.

Disaster Management

Umoya deployed a network for the Provincial Government of the Western Cape which included the following aspects:

  • Satellite communication between local and district municipalities, metro, provincial and national disaster management centres.
  • Wireless point-to-point and point-to-multi-point wide area connectivity in towns.
  • Local area networks in buildings, both wireless, CAT5, CAT6 and fibre optics.
  • Call centres with an Asterisk VoIP solution including VoIP over satellite.
  • Remote network monitoring, management and support.
  • Bandwidth optimisation, compression and detailed reporting.
  • Anti Virus, windows update, patch management and remote desk top support.
  • Service Desk for fault reporting.
  • Mobile Satellite units.
  • Secure VPN deployments.
  • Linux Cluster and single server deployments including Oracle database replicationbetween call centres over satellite links.


Umoya deployed wide area connectivity for weighbridges across the Western Cape including the following aspects :

  • Satellite and radio links.
  • Local area wired and wireless networks.
  • PC’s and server deployments.
  • MySQL database replication over wide area satellite links.
  • Remote Server and PC support.
  • Remote network, monitoring, management and support.
  • Bandwidth Optimisation, compression and detailed reporting.
  • Adaptation of the application to function over a local and wide area network.
  • Email server management.
  • Anti-Virus and Windows patches update management.
  • Application updates and version control.
  • Secure VPN’s for remote access.

City of Johannesburg

Umoya consulted to the City of Johannesburg to assist with the implementation of a city wide wide area wireless network.